YouPorn's Bug Bounty Program Offers Up to $25K

YouPorn's Bug Bounty Program Offers Up to $25K

LOS ANGELES — MindGeek’s YouPorn division said this week that it’s trying to boost the safety of users by offering a bug bounty program.

Based on severity, security pros can reap rewards between $50 to $25,000 to find weaknesses in its adult tube site platform.

YouPorn has teamed up with HackerOne for the program. Users who file a report with the new bug bounty program at can expect a response within 30 days, and a fix within 90.

Those who file a bug bounty report aren’t allowed to release the details of the security flaw, according to HackerOne.

“We are, of course, already equipped with an excellent developer and security staff, but vulnerabilities and breaches are ongoing,” YouPorn Vice President Brad Burns said. “So, it is important to continuously stay as many steps ahead of potential online threats as possible.”

YouPorn has a history of vulnerabilities that posed threats to users, including in 2012, when usernames and passwords of up to 1 million users were reportedly posted online after a third-party site failed to secure user information. In 2015 the site was reportedly hit with malvertising exploits.