PornDoe Premium Launches

PornDoe Premium Launches

SWITZERLAND — PornDoe Premium today launched exclusively to VIP members.

Creators of XChimera timed the release of the site for Valentine’s Day, which will be the “most explosive one ever,” they said.

“This voyeuristic experience offers an immersive look into your expectations of high-quality content and production,” said Yannick Ferreri, head of production and business development for PornDoe and PornDoePremium.

The sophisticated, couples-friendly site features original hardcore content filmed by acclaimed director Louis Moire in Prague.

“It offers deep pleasure and couple-friendly entertainment by digging into your fantasies of secret, sensual, high-end societies," Ferreri said. "A rare gem, our series blends glamorous, high-end models and soft transitions with the gritty concept of voyeurism for an exciting result to indulge your most perverted and decadent fantasies.” has three monthly memberships: Base Premium, for $9.95/month; VIP, for $24.95/month; and Dark, for $39.95/month.