Terpon Taps Content Veteran Vid Vicious

Terpon Taps Content Veteran Vid Vicious

ZURICH — Terpon.com announced today the hiring of video content veteran Vid Vicious.

The move is the most recent in a string of hires that will allow the company to scale properly as it gains momentum and brings its virtual reality webcams to market, Terpon.com CEO Jean-Claude Artonne said.

Vicious brings more than 20 years of experience on the content production side of the business to the company and will serve in roles that facilitate the integration of Terpon technology with all aspects of current video and webcam broadcasting, Artone said.

“Mikael ‘Vid Vicious’ Levy was the obvious choice for this role within the Terpon team,” Artonne said. “Having someone with so much experience creating content and familiar with all of the needs and challenges cinematographers face when filming for adult entertainment is essential to our mission.

“Terpon is not in the business of making videos or producing cam shows, but we are very much in the business of supporting the talented people that do it every day. Having Vid on our team gives our clients someone who speaks the language and who is knowledgeable at a hands-on level. We expect it to be a great benefit for all our clients to be able to work with him as they each transition toward new virtual reality production standards.”

Vicious, who filmed his first adult feature in 1998, became one of the first full-time shooters of the adult online era in early 2000s when he worked on CarolCox.com.

“Over the years I have worked with many top brands, built dozens of profitable content sites, and I had also worked with Jean-Claude on some other mainstream projects,” he said. “What Terpon is doing is game-changing, and I am deeply excited to be part of it all. To me this feels like going from DVDs to downloads all over again. VR is going to be that big.”

In the past month, Artonne said that Terpon has struck deals with cam platforms ModelCentro and SkyPrivate, assembled a team of well-known industry experts in its related fields, and now continues to seek additional talent to fuel their sustained growth.

“If you have skills that would benefit Terpon, would like to be part of the VR webcam evolution, and want to discuss the many ways we may be able to work together, visit Terpon.com and contact us today.”

Pictured: Jean-Claude Artonne, left, and Vid Vicious