PornDoe Premium to Launch on Tuesday

PornDoe Premium to Launch on Tuesday

BARCELONA — PornDoe Premium is celebrating Valentine’s Day with the launch of, available exclusively to VIP members.

Creators of the site offered a sneak peek of the sophisticated, couples-friendly site that features original hardcore content filmed in Prague. Content was directed by acclaimed director Louis Moire.

To view a trailer, click here. VIP memberships to PornDoe Premium are $24.95 per month.

“The world of elites is filled with enticing dreams, and they have the power to make them come true…,” PornDoe says. “Scouting beautiful young girls and assisting their transitions into glamorous sex goddesses, giving them the unique chance of a lavish life.

“In exchange, the alluring babes play out the elites’ wildest fantasies right before their eyes, offering a unique voyeur experience filled with lust and sensuality. High-class chimeras of ecstatic power play, exposed for your pleasure.”

Yannick Ferreri, head of business development for PornDoe, told XBIZ last month that the site promises “a fantasy ride where you will sit among the elite, yet indulge like the most perverted.”