Adnium Targeting Specific Traffic With 'Bidding by Placement'

Adnium Targeting Specific Traffic With 'Bidding by Placement'

TORONTO unveiled its new unique “Bidding by Placement” tool today.

“Making more money means squeezing every click and conversion out of each ad buy, which is what Adnium helps our clients do best,”’s Stephanie Hall said.

“Pick and choose precisely which ad zones you want to receive higher or lower bids, allocate your budget only where you're converting and bring home a much better ROI simply by making your campaigns more efficient with a few clicks in your Adnium account.

“Publishers could always differentiate their ad zone on their sites and evaluate the value of each specific spot, now with Adnium Bidding by Placement advertisers can do it too,” she said.

“So, when you’re running a campaign where one zone is out performing another, it’s worth more to you, but the other zone may still be worth something as well. In makes perfect sense that bidding on each spot individually gets you the best ROI.”

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