XBIZ Retreat Miami Dates Announced

XBIZ Retreat Miami Dates Announced

MIAMI — Fresh off the heels of this month’s winter edition of the XBIZ Retreat in Los Angeles, event organizers are pleased to announce the dates for the upcoming invitation-only XBIZ Retreat Miami.

The summer edition of the exclusive XBIZ Retreat, which is set for May 30 to June 3, returns once again to the tropical paradise of Miami with a new, upgraded venue.

Located minutes from the center of South Beach and many of Miami’s most popular attractions, XBIZ Retreat Miami will once again bring together vendors and qualified buyers for ultra-exclusive, all-inclusive luxurious event.

With more than 20 vendors already signed up, XBIZ Associate Publisher Sara Ramirez says XBIZ Retreat Miami is slated to be the biggest one yet and may even extend its dates to accommodate the overwhelming demand.

“Thanks to all of our amazing past XBIZ Retreat participants, our event has been the talk of the shows and continues to grow rapidly through word of mouth,” Ramirez said. “I am overwhelmed by the positive response I’ve been getting not just from past participants but also from those that have heard about the unrivaled XBIZ Retreat experience. It’s only been two weeks since our winter XBIZ Retreat and vendor spots are filling up quick.”

The most recent XBIZ Retreat was held Jan. 10-13 at the trendy Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood, Calif. With more than 50 vendors, the exclusive B2B event for retailers proved to be highly productive.

Several participating vendors and buyers shared their feedback following the event:

Isabelle Marcotte of AJPRO Distribution Inc., said, “The XBIZ Retreat gave me the opportunity to meet new and different suppliers. Two weeks after, I already started doing business with a few and planning to start partnership with some others soon.”

 Exsens’ Rebecca Pinette-Dorin said, “"For us, the XBIZ Retreat is currently the best way to interact on a personal basis with new buyers. The quality of the stores represented is very high and the buyers are there to do business. We always pick up new clients."

Amorelie’s Philippa Koenig said, “The XBIZ Retreat is a great chance to meet people in the industry that you might not have met and to identify business opportunities that you have not thought of before.”

ElectricDistro’s Zach Goode said, “The XBIZ Retreat is always the highlight of the trade show season. It’s the best opportunity for buyers and vendors to spend quality time together.”

ImBesharam.com’s Raj Armani said, “XBIZ Retreat is the Match.com for adult business. Not only is it the most organized, well handled and smartly executed trade event, it also has a team of super devoted professionals, some of the very best in the industry. Sara, Ariana and their team know the event in and out and make sure everything was laid to work like a well-oiled machine. It is always a privilege to be invited to the XBIZ Retreat and every experience is fulfilling with making newer contacts and strengthening existing relationships. Three cheers for the team and a same ole' thank you to XBIZ Retreat.”

Crave’s Jack Morocco said, “This was my second time at an XBIZ retreat, and I enjoyed it even more than the first. Having a better understanding of how it works, I was able to prepare extensively for meetings and capitalize on the time together. I even got a few orders out of it. Additionally, the organizers are incredibly accommodating and really seek to make the experience enjoyable from top to bottom. It's a worthwhile show that really gives you quality face time with other buyers, and offers tons of events where you can relax, network, or just socialize."

Adam & Eve’s Antrece Williams said, “The XBIZ Retreat was amazing! It is definitely a great way to establish new contacts and maintain old relationships. I'm really satisfied with the outcome, and I'm already looking forward to the next one!”

Kama Sutra’s Nick Nugwynne said, “I really enjoyed my time at XBIZ Retreat. I had many valuable meetings and made a ton of new connections.”

The Love Store’s Edward Wheeler said, “XBIZ Retreat gave me the opportunity to meet with new and existing vendors one-on-one and allowed me to see products that I might not have seen at a typical trade show. It’s a great show and a great way to do business.”

Sinclair Institute’s Peter Reynolds said, “XBIZ Retreat is a valuable tool to meet with customers face to face and not only discuss business but socialize with them as well. Overall, extremely worthwhile!”

Liberator’s Morgan Wellens said, “Thank you so much! It was my first time at the XBIZ Retreat and I really loved the format of the show. Everything was amazing, and it was an extremely productive trip for us.”

Carrashield Labs’ Jeff Hawkins said, “The XBIZ Retreat was the perfect platform to kick-off and introduce our new Boneyard Men's brand to buyers around the world.”

Honey’s Place’s Kyle Tutino said, “I really love the XBIZ Retreat format. It is such an intimate show that allows you get to know your existing vendors and also potential new vendors.”

Sliquid’s Michelle Marcus said, “In my position I oversee all sales, globally, so I am extremely particular about the events I/we select to participate in. Structure plays a key role in the success of an event, and Sara and Ariana did a fantastic job at bringing together vendors with serious buyers making for a great investment for my/our participation. I had the perfect amount of time to develop new business as well as build on existing clientele. All in all a top-notch retreat by XBIZ! Thank you ladies! Sliquid will be back!”

WestMarket’s Lenny Balshen said, “The latest XBIZ Retreat show in Los Angeles was perfectly organized and seamlessly executed providing ample opportunities to socialize and network for vendors and buyer from all over the world. This show uses the most effective format of preset meetings giving a chance to businesses of any size to effectively communicate with potential partners. Thank you Alec, Sara and Ariana.”

Je Joue’s Dan Jackson said, “The XBIZ Retreat was a great show for getting one-on-one time with new clients. It's great to have some space away from other people and really get some quality time to get down to business.”

Bijoux Indiscrets’ Lisa Sananes said, “Thank you for organizing the event, it was a real success. Great format, great organization, qualitative attendees, we will certainly come back!”

COTR Inc./b-Vibe’s Alicia Sinclair said, “Hands down my favorite show to launch a collection, connect with buyers, and gain orders. Well-organized with qualified buyers.”

Adrien Lastic’s Jackie Richerson said, “The XBIZ L.A. Retreat is a fantastic way to meet buyers and other vendors alike! As a company that is still young in the U.S., it's always incredible to get to make connections and work closely with other teams and what better place to do that than here! We had a blast!”