Receives APAC Stamp of Approval Receives APAC Stamp of Approval

CYBERSPACE — has announced it is among the first studios to receive the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) Stamp of Approval — a method of providing performers assurance that recipient entities adhere to the Model Bill of Rights.

"I am thrilled to have added to our growing list of APAC Stamp holders,” said Chanel Preston, APAC chairperson. “They recognized how important it is that performers know what their rights are on set long before the APAC Stamp was available. I am happy they are now included in APAC’s efforts to create better work environments for performers, and I hope many others follow suit.” founder and director Angie Rowntree is encouraging all directors and studios to obtain the APAC Stamp of Approval. 

“For many studios and producers, the APAC Stamp makes official what we already do,” Rowntree said. “For others, the APAC Stamp can serve as a blueprint for a benchmark we all need to achieve. Performers are the backbone of our community, and we all have a responsibility to demonstrate our understanding of that fact.” stated that they “take pride in treating its employees, performers, customers, business associates and wider community with fairness, compassion and respect.” The company is also a member of the Ethical Porn Partnership. 

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