SHE L.A. to Showcase Pioneering Delay Spray Brand STUD 100

SHE L.A. to Showcase Pioneering Delay Spray Brand STUD 100

LOS ANGELES — The Pound International Corporation will be featuring its men’s delay spray STUD 100 at the next Sexual Health Expo (SHE), to be held on Saturday, Feb. 4 and Sunday, Feb. 5 at the California Market Center (CMC) in Los Angeles.

STUD 100, which uses a fast-acting Lidocaine formula, is designed to delay ejaculation and prolong intercourse by temporarily reducing the sensitivity of the penis.

“Pound International Corporation, located in Portland, Ore., is once again thrilled to take part in this year’s SHE,” said Jo Racklin, regional director of the Pound International Corporation. “Our team is passionate about STUD 100, and we are really looking forward to meeting everyone that comes by our booth. We know that the SHE team will make this event worthwhile and fun for everyone.” 

STUD 100, which is celebrating its 47th anniversary in 2017, was created in 1970. The product is available on STUD100’s official website,, as well as mainstream e-commerce sites such as and

STUD 100, Racklin said, conforms to the rules of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S.

“STUD 100 continues to be the delay spray for men,” Racklin said. “Manufactured to strict FDA guidelines, STUD 100 helps men prolong their time to climax, resulting in more satisfying sex for both partners. Easily applied without mess or spillage, STUD 100 is fast-acting so you don’t have to be.”

STUD 100 is sold in more than 60 countries but features different packaging in different markets. The packaging available in the U.S. is different from that used in the U.K. and Continental Europe.

Although STUD 100 and Viagra both enhance intercourse, they have different functions. And while Viagra requires a doctor’s prescription in the U.S., STUD 100 is available over the counter.

A representative for Pound International Corporation said, “Viagra stimulates the erection, whereas STUD 100 helps delay ejaculation, ensuring longer-lasting sex. Spray STUD 100 on the head and shaft of the penis between five and 15 minutes before intercourse to allow time for it to become absorbed. Use the minimum effective number of sprays, from three to eight, depending on each individual. Each can contains 120-plus metered dose sprays.”

The California Market Center is located at 110 E. 9th St. in Downtown Los Angeles.

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