Entrenue Releases Valentine's Day Digital Supplement

Entrenue Releases Valentine's Day Digital Supplement

PHOENIX — Entrenue has released a comprehensive romance-themed digital supplement to prepare retailers for the upcoming Valentine’s Day and romantic holiday season.

The supplement, available online at Entrenue.com, features romantic gift ideas for singles, couples and shoppers of all kinds and includes the latest releases from b-Vibe, Dame Products and Migliori lubricant.

“Retailers are placing last-minute orders in anticipation of the big V-Day and we’ve made this year’s supplement easy to navigate and fun to peruse,” Entrenue CEO Joe Casella said. “Not only is this a one-stop-shop for our customers, it also gives us an opportunity to showcase several exciting new items that didn’t come out in time for our print catalog. We encourage our customers to take a look not only to stock up for Valentine’s Day, but also to check out the latest and greatest this industry has to offer!”

The new Valentine’s Day supplement also is the official debut of the company’s new senior graphic designer, Kelly Griffith.

“Kelly has been an amazing addition to our staff and made sure that our new supplement not only was bright and colorful but also packed with visuals that highlight each product in perfect detail,” said Lily Wang, Entrenue director of sales and marketing. “We’re proud of our Valentine’s Day supplement and look forward to the upcoming last-minute sales rush!”

To view Entrenue’s newest catalog, visit Entrenue.com. To place an order, call (800) 368-7268 or email info@entrenue.com.