ArchAngel Cali Carter Rules the Heavens

ArchAngel Cali Carter Rules the Heavens

LOS ANGELES — Make way! Make way! Hark, the herald angels sing, for ArchAngel’s very own contract star, Cali Carter, has come to sunder the land with righteous sexual divinity.

Behold, heretics! The heavens crackle with thunderbolts and orgasmic rainfall, drenching every unwashed blasphemer gathered in that most sinful of towns. A vast shadow falls across their ill-attended ritual, stretching feathery tendrils from the true capital of adult entertainment, the City of Angels. Lightning strikes, dispersing the meager crowd of peasantry, disrupting their worship of golden calves, the cattle no less yellowed than the upholstery… turning their puffed-up preachers to salt and smiting that stone temple with vengeful wrath.

For the silhouette of warrior-goddess Carter looms, in all her curvaceously inked California glory, daring doe-eyed beauties to brawl with so muscled and fierce a starlet. She is chiseled yet supple, and generously feminine, lest her mystique fall prey to the harsh angles of a gnarled aspen. And, that buxom balance beckons with the alluring softness of a librarian, even as it commands martial artistry, making edgy this bladed Valkyrie.

She stands opposed to those wispy waifs, those girlish gigglers on the verge of blowing away like a tremulous reed in unkind weather. This is a woman wrought from strength, deadly and delicious. Rooted on terra firma, she is aligned with the powers that be.

Gaze skyward at her solar chariot, for Carter is nothing less than an omen, eclipsing the noisome spectacle and crumbling illusions of feeble gamblers, who desperately bribe exhibitionists with freely given space for the sake of novelty. And in that space, yawns a void. And in that void, enters the Word. And from the Word, which echoes long after the Big Bang and inevitable Apocalypse, a bona fide deluge of unbridled creation pours forth…

…lavishing spotlight brilliance on fire-starter Carter, as she brims with brimstone.

Shatter the tablets and slay the commandments, for a new gospel is here, damning those disheveled scriveners and frayed journal-makers who fail to worship such godhood, reclaiming their wages of vice with knee-breaking severity. Farewell to the old news… to the bygone fakeness, graying and passing into the abyss of irrelevance with clenched-fist prognostications.

Let those who cleave faithfully to the church of X-business bear witness to the Good News. Let those with overflowing purses, plush bras and bulging pantaloons join the highest angelic echelons in everlasting paradise, rife with riches and royal welcome. Embrace destiny. Exalt Carter. The vanguard awaits thee on the horizon!

And such a future belongs, indeed, to prophetic directors like MimeFreak, whose 2016 XBIZ Best New Studio ignited a victorious AJ Applegate arc that culminated in a coveted 2017 XBIZ Performer Showcase of the Year trophy for “The Booty Queen 2.” Watch the throne, for men such as he can clear kings from this chessboard, with an eldritch cunning most fearsome. God help those who side with trend-serving pawns instead of zigzagging bishops and warlord knights. The game of thrones never ends and chaos is a ladder.

Now, MimeFreak is poised to push the envelope further, with the much-anticipated “Cali Carter Is the ArchAngel” showcase, backing her premium talent all the way to next year’s hallowed 2018 XBIZ Awards, where artistry always prevails over petty politicking. May the odds be ever in their favor. May the #FreakyCrew dismantle all foes and charge ahead, like undaunted centurions keen on bloodletting and ransacking.

Before Carter inspired such loyalty and donned so holy a mantle, she was a plucky NorCal vixen, armed with naught but sunshine in her hair, flawless pearly whites, crystalline blue eyes and a gymnast’s build. She split her time between shooting in L.A. and leading a more mundane life in that northerly realm of pot-smoking hippies, none of whom would ever confuse adult entertainment with mainstream bong rips in a laughable attempt at hipster hipness.

Then, after relocating to L.A. and committing to adult modeling full-time, she transformed from the girl-next-door into the immortal adult-star-next-door. Her ass, legs and chest have all exploded into bombshell proportions, and her career is about to follow suit, courtesy of celestial wings expanding like liquid lava.

That is because Carter has approached porn with the same work ethic and forward-thinking mindset that had her holding down two service industry jobs and owning a house at 22. She is proof that a determined woman who works hard and invests in herself can build a durable brand, body and professional legacy, in an industry that chews through performers like candy.

So it was that XBIZ lit the votive candles, whispered the sacred mantras and summoned Carter from the angelic firmament amidst her 27th birthday, her four-year porn-iversary and the release of her first showcase, “Cali Carter is the Arch Angel,” for this exclusive XBIZ interview.

At first, it was all about making a quick buck for Carter. “I got into the industry, honestly, for money,” she said. “I was working two jobs and I was tired of doing the same thing… I couldn’t go back to school because I couldn’t get a loan. My debt-to-income ratio was too high after buying a house.”

Then, she had what started off as an innocent conversation about costumes. “My boyfriend and I were joking around one day, wondering what we should be for Halloween,” Carter recalled. “We thought of Hugh Hefner and a Playmate. I was like, ‘I can’t be a Playmate. That’s gross. That’s nasty.’ He was like, ‘Honestly, you could.’ We spent months researching the adult industry. He kept planting the seed in my head. Finally, I put my ‘resume’ out on An agency contacted me and just like that I was on a plane to L.A.”

And just like that, the future ArchAngel commenced what would soon become a very prosperous venture. “I signed a contract, went on some go-sees, got tested and did my first scene,” she said. “I was in L.A. for that weekend and flew back to work on Monday like nothing happened. Then, my scene was released that Friday and my whole town found out. I figured I was already in it, so it was either go big or go home. Originally I was planning to get in and out of the industry in three months, make $60,000 and go back to school. But, as soon as that scene came out, I changed my mind.”

In four years of non-stop hustling and bustling, Carter has performed for major studios like Airerose, Bang, Brazzers, Digital Sin, Elegant Angel, Evil Angel, Girlfriends Films, Hustler, Jules Jordan, New Sensations, Penthouse, Reality Kings, Smash Pictures and Wicked Pictures. “My confidence has shot up, which shows on camera — I can’t watch my first scenes,” she confessed, noting how far she has evolved. “You can tell I didn’t like what I was doing. I didn’t know what I was doing. I had only slept with four guys before I got in the industry. Having meaningless sex with someone I just met was hard for me. Once I figured that out, everything changed.”

Everything changed, indeed, though at a gradual pace. Unlike those starlets who soar high rapidly and sputter out just as quickly, thrust into shoots by a cabal of insiders before being summarily dismissed for the latest nymph, Carter has forged herself with a blacksmith’s methodical pounding. “My career has been very slow and steady,” she explained. “My first year, I was a new girl, just getting my name out there. The second year, I built my brand and established myself. The third year, I changed my look. After my boob job, it was like a whole new career opened up.”

An expanding brassier, especially in a biz that makes just as much money from enhanced breasts as it does from naturally floppy ones, was exactly what the doctor ordered. “I had only shot with Brazzers once before that, then they put me in all of these ‘big tit’ titles,” Carter enthused. “The same thing happened with Naughty America. My boobs definitely helped me.”

Before she enjoyed that accelerated climb, Carter took time to heal. “I wasn’t shooting in November and December of 2015, because I just had my boobs done that September and I wanted to wait,” she said. “I knew I would see everyone at the XBIZ Awards in January, and everyone would see my new look.”

Not long thereafter, she graced the cameras of 2016 XBIZ Best New Studio, ArchAngel, taking her career to the next level. “In February of 2016, I picked up a boy/girl shoot with ArchAngel when a performer canceled,” she reminisced. “It was one of my best scenes. It was with Chris Strokes in their oil movie, ‘Pour It On.’ MimeFreak even said, ‘I’m sad that we haven’t shot you before, but after your performance today, we’re going to be shooting you more.’ After that I picked up more and more shoots with them. They started requesting me specifically.”

Then, came the papal blessing from MimeFreak. “About five months ago, they offered me an IR contract, which I had been waiting to shoot for so long,” Carter said. “Then, they were like, ‘Since you’ve been so professional and loyal, we want to do something special with you.’ That’s what led to my first showcase and I’m beyond excited for ‘Cali Carter Is the ArchAngel.’”

As for 2017 and the years to come, she foresees a continued path of skyrocketing success. “This year is going to be my big year,” she predicted. “ArchAngel just released my first anal scene, so I’m open to anal now. After May, I will be free to shoot IR with other studios. In 2018, I may do DP. I’m keeping that in my back pocket, just in case I need to pull out a trick or two.”

Once she has set the landscape ablaze with seraphic radiance, Carter will settle into the blissful rhythms of quiet suburbia. “In 2019, I’ll probably retire, move back to northern California, get married, do the whole ‘kids thing.’ When I start that chapter, I’ll probably close this chapter completely. I’ve been saving money the last four years and investing so I can retire. But, if I want to stay longer, I can. You never know what will happen. Life tends to throw crazy shit at you.”

And for those who likewise seek so ascendant a flight unto the starlit heights of greatness, Carter soberly advised, “Don’t blow all your money on drugs. That’s why I like to tell my story, so people know there are normal girls in the industry. I didn’t get into porn because my back was against the wall. I did it for the same reason other people get jobs. You pick the best job you are going to make the most money at. This happened to be the job that I would make the most money at. It’s something I fell in love with, and it has given me so many opportunities.”