FSC Issues Statement on Passing of Bill Margold

FSC Issues Statement on Passing of Bill Margold

LOS ANGELES — The Free Speech Coalition issued a statement tonight on the death of former FSC Director Bill Margold.

Margold was one of the founders of the modern adult industry both as an actor in the Golden Age of film and in his lengthy career as an advocate for the industry and its performers.

In the statement, Jeffrey Douglas, FSC's current board chair, remembered Margold's contributions to the industry and the organization.

“Without Bill Margold, the Free Speech Coalition likely would have passed into history in 1995, as had its many predecessors,” Douglas said. “At that point, interest in the organization had dropped to the point that there were insufficient nominees to fill the board of directors, and Bill selected a group to fill the numerous vacancies.

"His slate, along with Paul Fishbein, then publisher of AVN, was accepted by acclamation at a general membership meeting in Las Vegas. From that the FSC was reborn."

The FSC said that Margold viewed the adult industry, and especially the performing artists, as his family.

“He was driven by his pursuit of what he believed was in the best interest of talent. Fiercely passionate and happily cantankerous, Bill took pride in plaguing those whom he perceived as his opponents,” the FSC said. “His gift for epigrams was constantly put to the service of advocating for the ‘Family of X.’ ”

The FSC said Margold left the board of directors of the industry trade group in the early 2000s with deep regret.

“He had a vision for both the trade association and the industry that was uncompromising and zealous,” the FSC said. “Bill knew he was unique and reveled in that position.

“We bow our heads at his passing.”