DigiRegs Now Providing Copyright Protections for SpankBang

DigiRegs Now Providing Copyright Protections for SpankBang

VANCOUVER, B.C. — The DigiRegs content registry and copyright protection system announced today that it is fully regulating SpankBang.com's inventory of published works.

SpankBang.com is a popular destination for adult surfers and uploaders looking to watch and share their favorite porn videos and scenes. The site has more than 147 pages of models.

With its free content registry tool, DigiRegs allows any content producer, solo model, studio, cam program and other video and audio content makers to register their content for free.

With that registry a user can see how much content is pirated and where. DigiRegs has identified more than 35 million video works on the internet and has cataloged them.

“Gone are the days of tracking down webmasters to get them to remove content, sending DMCA’s and having to chase a response,” DigiRegs Director Anton Bilobrov said. “With DigiRegs it’s automatic. Content is removed automatically once verified it is registered already as copy written material within the DigiRegs, registry.

“We take the guess work out of verifying content, and the work out of removing it once verified as a copy written piece of work. With Spankbang added to our long list of sites already self regulating from the second-largest adult site in the world, xHamster.com to large publications like YouJizz.com and small like BoysFood.com. All of them looking to be responsible providers of adult video content.”

“This is an especially important consideration as the discussion over content regulations has gone on for too long,” Bilobrov said. “It’s the time to act, to take content and protection of the rights of the producers seriously. It can be marketed and regulated in a serious way.

For more information on Digiregs and to schedule a meeting with Bilobrov, email anton@digiregs.net.