Bad Dragon Sponsors Lola Bastinado's Couples Courses

NEW YORK — Playboy TV’s Lola Bastinado has announced that Bad Dragon is now a sponsor for her Signature Erotic Educational Couples Courses. 

“Bad Dragon is an amazing company which focuses on making fantasies real, which is why I found them to be a perfect match for my international Erotic Educational workshops — where I have specific classes designed to explore and enhance a couple’s journey in fantasy play,” Bastinado said. “Couples and individuals can discover, design and have produced a high-quality adult toy tailored to their particular needs.”

Bastinado said, “The toy itself isn’t the only thing being gained by the consumer; they are also sharing an experience where they will open the lines of communication, learn and grow all within their pursuit of pleasure. This can lead to exponential growth for them as a couple.”

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