Adult Marketing Agency Arm Candy Creative Starts Up

Adult Marketing Agency Arm Candy Creative Starts Up

TORONTO — A new marketing agency specializing in adult entertainment has opened shop.

Arm Candy Creative — started up by Dave Strauss, Jamie Wolkove and Jordan Shea — offers a full slate of marketing services “that are aimed at helping brands cross over from one industry to another,” the trio of co-founders said.

The agency’s menu of offerings includes creative services, media planning, public relations, events and promotions, social media, content production, talent management and marketing strategy.

“It’s an exciting time to be a marketer,” Strauss said. “With brands under pressure to find new, cost effective ways of reaching their target audience, and with stigmas traditionally associated with the adult entertainment industry beginning to erode it’s time for marketers to start playing ball on the same field.”

Shea said that if, for example, a start-up wants to target males 18-34 but are forced to operate on a shoestring budget, “an adult campaign can get them serious reach, at a fraction of the cost of a mainstream campaign.”

“On the other hand, if an adult advertiser is interested in running a campaign on mainstream media, we can help facilitate that as well,”Shea said.

Wolkove noted that the co-founders “diverse experience building integrated marketing campaigns for top-tier brands in both mainstream and adult settings, combined with each co-founder’s distinct skill sets, puts Arm Candy Creative in a unique position to support brands on both sides of the fence.”

The name “Arm Candy” was chosen to symbolize the client/agency relationship, the co-founders state on their website. "As your arm candy, it’s our duty to support you, to make you look and feel better and to give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals," its website said.

Arm Candy Creative recently received one of its first testimonials from  Philip Del Rio, vice president of retail at Hustler Hollywood.

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Arm Candy Creative,” he said. “Their high quality of work, attention to detail and flexibility under tight timelines have made them an integral part of our external marketing team.”

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