Entrenue Starts Distributing Unbound Intimate Jewelry Line

Entrenue Starts Distributing Unbound Intimate Jewelry Line

PHOENIX — Entrenue has become the exclusive distributor of Unbound, a new line of intimate jewelry featuring “truly intelligent design, a modern aesthetic and accessible price points.”

The Unbound collection contains unique pieces “that transition easily from bedroom accessories to style statements that celebrate the wearer’s sexuality without stigma or shame,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said.

“Unbound has gone above and beyond to create sexy, stylish and affordable pieces that truly serve a dual purpose and we are honored to be its exclusive distributor,” Casella said. “The broad appeal and budget-friendly price points make Unbound a smart choice for retailers looking for unique crossover items that can be merchandised in almost any section of a store.

“The designs are so clever, shoppers might not ever guess that the beautiful necklaces or earrings they’re checking out are actually incognito sex toys. It’s a naughty secret disguised as a stylish fashion statement,” he said.

Designs include a necklace that unfolds into a pinwheel, a bracelet that unfolds into handcuffs, a pendant hollowed out to hold lubricant, a necklace that folds into a whip, earrings that are nipple clamps in disguise and more.

Shoppers can use from three collections — each named after powerful, fearless and impactful women: Amelia Earhart, Twiggy and Cleopatra.

Unbound pieces are available with gold and silver plating as well as in bright, playful colors. All items are available for less than $100 with most retailing below the $75 mark.

To view the Unbound jewelry collection and the rest of Entrenue’s newest catalog, visit Entrenue.com. To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email info@entrenue.com or visit Entrenue.com.