LifeStyles Condoms Launches 'Smart is Sexy' Campaign

LifeStyles Condoms Launches 'Smart is Sexy' Campaign

ISELIN, N.J. — Ansell, the makers of LifeStyles and SKYN Condoms, has unveiled the “Smart is Sexy” advertising campaign that’s designed to challenge the way people define sexiness.

Noting that mainstream portrayals of sex and sexuality can be cliché and are often weighed down by outdated stereotypes, Ansell says these messages have created discomfort surrounding open and honest discussions about sex, especially for millennial consumers.

LifeStyles "Smart is Sexy" advertisements aim to challenge clichés head-on via banner ads and videos that at first glance appear to support outdated concepts surrounding sexiness, but upon a closer look reveal various signs of sexy that focus on intelligence, confidence, ambition, open-mindedness and more. The campaign questions typical role models and societal expectations and aims to boost the confidence of users by encouraging them to embrace and celebrate sexiness in all its forms.

"The inspiration for 'Smart is Sexy' came directly from our key demographic, the millennial consumer," said Jeyan Heper, president and general manager of the Sexual Wellness Global Business Unit at Ansell. "In various focus groups, millennials explained to us that self-confidence and sexiness are directly linked, and young adults need to 'smarten up' by recognizing that sexiness does not only come from superficial beauty, physical exposure or sexual performance, but from feeling self-confident and sexy about yourself as you are."

Globally conceptualized by Hamburg, Germany-based +KNAUSS Agency and executed in the U.S. by the AMP Agency, "Smart is Sexy" will debut simultaneously in the U.S., Brazil and Australia, with China and Europe kicking off the campaign in early 2017. 

In addition to traditional channels, in the U.S., the campaign will also be supported by an interactive vending machine activation, which prompts users to answer five questions about sexual health in order to receive a free condom sample. Questions range from stats on STIs and contraception to the history of condoms.

The machine debuted as a pop-up in New York City's Washington Square Park on Nov. 18 before moving to New York's Webster Hall where it will remain for at least one month before traveling to various locations including city-centers, nightclubs and bars, and colleges and universities across the U.S.

All LifeStyles Condoms are triple tested to meet U.S. reliability standards. LifeStyles Condoms are available at a wide range of big box retailers, drugstores, grocery and convenience stores across the U.S.