PHS Expands Campaign for 'Bijoux de Nip' Products

PHOENIX — PHS International has expanded Be the Gift, a holidays-inspired promotional campaign for its Bijoux de Nip clamp and pasties collection.

“Bijoux de Nip artfully fulfills the growing demand for jewelry-inspired nipple clamps and pasties that combine personal style with sensation play, which makes it such a perfect gift for a special someone — or to indulge yourself,” said PHS International General Manager Michael Merrill. “Bijoux de Nip’s aesthetic pays attention to current trends while also providing designs and color schemes that include classic style as well as more avant-garde offerings. Masculine, feminine, androgynous or none of the above, Bijoux de Nip products are made to be inclusive and cater to consumers who match their personal style with their intimate inclinations.” 

Lion’s Den, Good Vibrations and Australia’s SexyLand are among the retailers that, PHS said, have been “leading the charge” with the Be the Gift campaign — which features promotional materials that include video support for in-store monitors and signs and posters that can be customized according to customers’ needs. 

The Be the Gift planogram includes one mannequin form with a sample product, a header sign or choice of posters and 27 pegs of product showcasing 100 total units. 

“As the holidays approach fast, we want to make sure customers sign on before materials sell out,” Merrill said. “We are so proud of the final product and excited to officially ship our new Bijoux de Nip display fully stocked with our best-sellers.”

To sign up for Be the Gift, contact Merrill at

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