Brian Sloan Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Scrotum Sculpture

Brian Sloan Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Scrotum Sculpture

CHICAGO — Adult toy entrepreneur Brian Sloan has launched an Indiegogo campaign for Wall Balls — a new piece of home décor made from the 3D-scanned scrotum of the third place winner (“Big Ben”) of the 2015 World’s Most Beautiful Balls Contest.

Known online for crowdfunding sex toys like the Autoblow 2, Slaphappy and 3Fap to the tune of $400,000, Sloan’s latest product isn’t designed to spice up the bedroom but rather “liven up any room anywhere.”

An infomercial featuring Sloan describes Wall Balls’ “finer points.”

The 2015 Balls Contest, like the Vagina Contest that came before it, received online media attention around the world, including on Huffingtonpost, Complex, Maxim, Mic, Cosmopolitan, and dozens of other websites. In the contest, hundreds of men uploaded photos of their scrotums, which were rated online on a scale of one to 10 stars by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The third place winner travelled to a 3D scanning facility which “awkwardly performed a scan of his scrotum, using a $30,000 piece of equipment that captured it in perfect detail, down to .01mm.”

Wall Balls is a life-sized electroplated fiberglass replica sculpture of Big Ben’s scrotum hanging out of the fly of his jeans. The sculpture measures 12 inches tall by eight inches wide by five-and-a-half inches in depth. The rear of the sculpture is flat for easy wall mounting.

Sloan stated, “The thing that really inspired me to create Wall Balls as a piece of home décor is the story behind it. Ben, a 58-year-old man in Cleveland might never have been a champion before but he had the gall to submit a photo of his scrotum to a contest on the Internet and he emerged a winner. Ben lived his life unaware that his scrotum was the third most attractive scrotum in the entire world. This product stands as a reminder to all of us that we have undiscovered potential and by placing Wall Balls in our homes it will serve to inspire and remind us that almost every one of us, is in some way, great.”

Click here for the Indiegogo campaign page. Early backers will pay $59. Retail price will be $169.