NudeLive Study Finds Prosperous Cam Models in Venezuela

NudeLive Study Finds Prosperous Cam Models in Venezuela

MIAMI — NudeLive recently conducted a study on the adult webcam sector’s impact in countries that are suffering an economic crisis. The Miami-based cam platform said it found that models in Venezuela “are making at least 17 times the national minimum wage by performing on webcam for as little as 10 hours per week, while others are making millions.”

“We have witnessed a huge spike in the number of models appearing on our website who come from Venezuela in recent months,” said Shea Robbins, press director for NudeLive. “This trend has occurred before when the number of cam girls from the United States skyrocketed as the country hit recession.”

According to NudeLive’s study, the minimum wage of $35 per month in Venezuela “is dwarfed by the average earnings of cam girls at even the lowest earning end of the scale.“

“An example used shows that a woman in her thirties working less than 10 hours a week can expect to take home at least $600 per month from being a webcam performer, (which is) more than 17 times the minimum wage of Venezuela,” said. “However, earnings for cam girls can vary on numerous factors, including Internet connection speed, webcam quality, personality, personal marketing, hours worked, age and many more — meaning that some cam models in the country are potentially making millions, bucking the trend in a place where unemployment rates are among the greatest in the world.” said, “The live adult webcam industry is worth an estimated $1 billion annually, with anyone able to become a webcam model by simply owning or having access to a computer, webcam, and Internet connection. These basic requirements allows people from struggling economies to turn to the industry as a means of making money when unemployment figures leaves them with few other opportunities. This is what is currently occurring in Venezuela, where unemployment is currently at 17 percent and is expected to rise to 30 percent in the next few years, leading to a huge influx of cam girls from the country across the adult webcam industry.”

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