Alura Jenson on 'Industry XXXRadio' Thursday

LAS VEGAS — Military veteran turned adult performer Alura Jenson will be joining hosts Harley Fire, Julie Rocket, Jasmeen Lefleur and Frank Fetish on “Industry XXX Radio” this Thursday, Nov. 17 from 8-10 p.m. PST. The broadcast will air on and be broadcast live from Treasures Gentleman’s Club in Las Vegas.

Jenson, who grew up in Camden, N.J. near Philadelphia and now lives in Las Vegas, joined the U.S. Navy after high school. After her military service, Jenson became an exotic dancer and went on to perform in adult films. 

“Industry XXX Radio” is produced by the Las Vegas-based Harley Fire Productions. In August, “Industry XXX Radio” joined the Orlando, Fla.-based Demon Seed Radio Network.

“Alura Jenson lives to experience all life has to offer — every race, every body type, every orientation,” Harley Fire Productions said. “She's a proud advocate of promoting liberation of oneself and is elated to share this with the public.”

Treasures Gentleman’s Club is located 2801 Westwood Dr.

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