Motorbunny Releases Attachment for Men

Motorbunny Releases Attachment for Men

LOS ANGELES — Motorbunny has introduced the Jiggle Butt attachment for men, which will ship in early December.

According to the company, the Jiggle Butt attachment is made specifically for a man’s enjoyment, has a realistic look, and can be mounted on the Motorbunny machine. It offers users both vaginal and anal insertion points and harnesses the power of Motorbunny’s “Twirl” and “Buzz” rotation and vibration features.

“The Jiggle Butt gives men a new opportunity to enjoy the power of the Motorbunny,” said Craig Mewbourne, brand consultant for MB Technologies. “This new attachment adds a unique dimension to the Motorbunny while embodying the MB brand’s commitment to the spirit of creative sexuality which sets us apart in the market.”

The Motorbunny Jiggle Butt is a hybrid product that blends the features of a ride-on-top vibrator for women with utility and sensations of sex sleeves for men. It creates a new category of insertion-focused attachments for motorized, ride-on-top vibrators, the company says.

“The Motorbunny is the only sex machine of its kind geared for men and women to enjoy sexually in either a dominant or submissive role,” Mewbourne said. “Competitors have always been prescriptive about their product’s use — it’s just for women. There’s only one way to use it, and there’s no room for experimentation or creativity. Apart from Motorbunny’s stance that use of penetrating attachments by men can be an enjoyable prostate stimulation experience, with the Jiggle Butt, we saw the opportunity for men to enjoy Motorbunny in an entirely new way. This is something entirely new to the category.”

Motorbunny offers a variety of 100 percent silicone and TPE attachments of various shapes and sizes to heighten sensation. The company says it plans to regularly roll out experimental designs in order to fulfill its commitment to innovation.

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