Penthouse's Kelly Holland Is Featured in Esquire

Penthouse's Kelly Holland Is Featured in Esquire

LOS ANGELES — Kelly Holland is featured in a new Esquire profile that says the Penthouse magazine owner is “committed to nudity” unlike Playboy, which declared full nudes passé.   

The Q&A offers a glimpse of Holland, who at one time worked for Pat Robertson’s “The 700 Club” before moving on to theater and later with a stint at Vivid Entertainment before settling in at Penthouse and buying the company.

“Now, the magazine, which had been operating at a $3 million yearly loss, is on track to yield a small profit,” the article says.

In the Esquire piece, available here, Holland tells of her role in commissioning more ambitious journalism in Penthouse magazine while not killing off nudity.

“The bunny committing suicide is my opinion of it,” Holland said. “The common belief, and it's been perpetuated by the press, is that free porn has killed porn. Why would anybody pay for anything if they could get it for free? My reply is that free porn has killed free porn. It is this huge fetid pool of content; 99 percent of it not good.”