JuicyAds Rolls Out Faster SSL 'Adzones'

JuicyAds Rolls Out Faster SSL 'Adzones'

TORONTO — Publishers looking to use secure SSL-compatible advertising now have the option available for their websites using JuicyAds’ network.

"We provided the functionality for publishers to manually switch their ‘adzones’ to use https quite some time ago," says Juicy Jay, founder and CEO of JuicyAds. 

"The adzones previously in testing worked well for publishers, but our new version 3 (v3) banner codes now automatically work for either http and https interchangeably without modification by the publishers."

As added benefit, the v3 JuicyAds banner codes are asynchronous and nonblocking which means they load separately from the website page and may result in faster page loads and, ultimately, higher revenue for publishers.

The SSL, or secure sockets layer, is the standard for establishing encrypted links between web servers and browsers. It ensures security and privacy between website visitors and the websites they visit that use the SSL protocol. 

Recently, Google has placed increased emphasis on secure websites, indicating that websites using SSL will be ranked better than those that are not, making SSL adzones coveted by some publishers.

Prior to Google's announcement regarding the emphasis on publishers to use it to improve their rankings, it was less relevant for general websites using SSL for their websites unless they had pages that required a login. 

Only SSL secured adzones can be used on SSL secured web pages, otherwise the ads will not display or a mixed content warning will appear.

JuicyAds, "the Sexy Advertising Network," is a marketplace for publishers and advertisers to buy and sell banner and popunder advertising. 

The company enters its 11th year in business following XBIZ 360 in Los Angeles in January 2017. 

To join as a JuicyAds publisher click here, or email sales@juicyads.com.