Dallas Novelty's Nick Mahler to Moderate 'Sex Talk Tuesday' Tomorrow

Dallas Novelty's Nick Mahler to Moderate 'Sex Talk Tuesday' Tomorrow

DALLAS — Dallas Novelty's Nick Mahler will be the guest moderator on “Sex Talk Tuesday” this Tuesday, Nov. 15 from 3-4 P.M. EST on Twitter. 

Mahler will discuss pleasure product options for people with disabilities. Produced by Angie Rowntree’s Sssh.com, “Sex Talk Tuesday” is a weekly online Twitter discussion that addresses a variety of sexual topics.

"Since I've been in the business, I've always had customers with different disabilities feel comfortable talking to me about sex toys and what might work best for their particular situation,” Mahler said. “I have a very rare muscular skeletal disorder called FOP where all of my muscles, ligaments and tendons turn into solid bone. So my mobility and reach has been severely limited my whole adult life.”

Mahler said, “Finding the right sexual aid can be challenging for able-bodied customers, but it seems to be even tougher for our disabled customers. So I try and be as frank as possible when discussing options. We've helped customers who have had spinal cord injuries find products that make it possible to experience sex with their partners again using harnesses and prosthetic penis attachments. We also have products that work for people looking for vibrators that can bend and flex to help reach their genitals when they have limited reach, mobility, and even people with arthritis.”

In honor of “Sex Talk Tuesday,” Dallas Novelty will offer a special promo code to receive 10 percent off orders, by using the code “sextalk” at checkout. Customers will also receive free priority mail on all orders over $50.

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