System JO, Sex with Emily Team Up for Consumer Survey

System JO, Sex with Emily Team Up for Consumer Survey

LOS ANGELES — System Jo and Emily Morse have joined forces for the “Dream Lube Survey,” a comprehensive consumer survey that will incorporate participants’ feedback into the formulation of a new lube.

As an incentive, System JO providing 10 prize packages to randomly selected respondents.

According to the company, the idea for the survey was incited several months ago when the System JO team asked Morse to describe her “dream lube.” As the founder and host of “Sex with Emily,” Morse praises the virtue of lube to hundreds of thousands of listeners each month — but with so many uses and options, picking an ideal product is a tall order. It was then that the two groups agreed to pose the question to Morse’s audience in the form of a comprehensive consumer survey. 

Officially announced at the Sexual Health Expo in September, the Dream Lube Survey has been collecting responses for more than 30 days and will remain active through the end of November. “Sex with Emily” podcast listeners and website visitors have provided more than 800 responses to date, with a projected sampling of at least 1,200 before the survey concludes. 

The survey presents participants with questions covering sexual preferences, lubricant usage, and buying habits. Additionally, the team is collecting demographic and consumer profile information that the companies say will help them better serve their respective markets. 

“We’re delighted to work directly with Emily on this new product,” notes Bill Edmonds, sales and marketing director as System JO.  “Even more so, we’re thrilled to interact directly with Emily’s audience and fan base to find out what they truly want to see in a lube.”

“Lube can be such a great enhancement to any sexual encounter, yet it’s so often overlooked,” Morse said. “It’s one of the more frequent topics on my show. Having an opportunity to create my own lube with the help of my listeners is really like a dream come true. Thanks to everyone at System JO for making it happen.”

Select survey results will be revealed on the “Sex with Emily” podcast and website in December along with details on JO’s development of the new product.

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