TrafficForce Adds Retargeting to Platform

TrafficForce Adds Retargeting to Platform

AMSTERDAM — TrafficForce today said that it has added a retargeting tool to the platform for users to capture a larger segment of target audiences for a second bite at the apple.

“It’s a very simple strategy to implement and it does a great job of identifying the right audience for your target website in the background as visitors migrate from one website to the next,” Ross of said.

“By adding a small invisible tag in the footer of any site to the page being retargeted, the visitor is allocated a transparent cookie, and TrafficForce is able to retarget the tagged consumer when they browse other websites in network, bringing them back to you with greater brand recognition and less friction at your point of sale.”

Maximizing your revenue depends greatly on your ability to build a strong brand and bring consumers back to it more than once so that they can become converted from consumers into customers at the point of sale, Ross said.

But he noted, some advertisers with specific sorts of products prefer not to have the same traffic returning to take a second look at their offers. TrafficForce, Ross said, has those advertisers covered in that regard as well.

“’Positive retargeting’ brings visitors back multiple times based on your TrafficForce bid settings, while ‘negative retargeting’ empowers you to exclude visitors who have already reached specific milestones of your signup process without completing a transaction,” he said.

“Our clients can now create sales chains that retarget traffic from one offer to another in their portfolio, so selling a high-priced product to someone who fails to convert can lead to that same visitor seeing your ads for a lower priced version of a similar product later in your sales chain.”

Getting beyond the point of circulating traffic through your sites, and becoming more granular as you specifically target or retarget each individual visitor based on their traffic patterns is a crucial method of improving your ROI on every ad buy.