Studio 20 Male to Open in Bucharest

Studio 20 Male to Open in Bucharest

BUCHAREST — Studio 20, the network of live cam studios, is opening its first male-exclusive studio in Bucharest.

Studio 20 for years has focused on the glamour niche — recruiting, training and promoting some of the best cam models in the industry.

So far, it has focused solely on female models with its numerous studios in Romania and Los Angeles.

Now, men are in the picture, and Studio 20 exec Florentina Trifan said that the company “is ready to show the same hard work, dedication and passion” for men to succeed in the cam space.

The new facility will be called Studio 20 Male and will offer live-cam fare initially focusing on two niches — “muscle men/body worship” and “sensitive/smart Millennial,” Trifan said.

"We’re doing that using the latest hi-tech equipment, cameras and microphones, state of the art technology, a 24/7 support and tech team that has its mindset on succeeding, a flexible schedule and transparency when it comes to the way the money is received," Trifan said.

Trifan noted that Studio 20 is known for its incredible design, “but we think that this time we’ve overrun ourselves.”

Trifan revealed that Studio 20 Male has 15 rooms with different designs — from the “urban” room that takes the model and the member to the Big Apple to the “elegant” room with a beautiful fireplace.

Besides the rooms, Studio 20 Male offers numerous privileges for models.

“Perks like a personal masseur, fully equipped gym and an English teacher so that the boys feel good, look good and keep it smart,” Trifan said.

Studio 20, which operates four studios in Romania and Los Angeles, plans on opening three new ones in Romanian cities in coming months.

The company also said it has eyes in other locations with local partners. Studios in Miami, Honolulu, Madrid, Athens, Prague and Budapest are among the possibilities in 2017.

Pictured: Studio 20 Male's gym