CalExotics Partners With Harvard University for Annual Sex Week

CalExotics Partners With Harvard University for Annual Sex Week

LOS ANGELES — CalExotics donated massagers, vibrators, and other pleasure products to raise awareness about sexual health and wellness practices at Harvard University for Sex Week.

Coordinated by the Sexual Health and Education and Advocacy Throughout Harvard (SHEATH), a recognized student-run organization, the event’s programming provides a holistic understanding of sex and sexuality. Lita Peña, co-president of SHEATH, says, “Our goal is to connect diverse individuals and communities both within and beyond Harvard through common human experiences with love, sex, sexuality, and relationships.”

The week-long event includes a variety of seminars, including Sex Toys 101, Party in Your Pants, Sex Ed 101 and more.

“We advocate for promoting sex-positive environments in which people educate themselves about the sexual habits and practices that can lead to happier, healthier and more fulfilled lives,” said Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics. “We are ecstatic to partner with Harvard to bring sexual health and wellness topics to the forefront of education during this week.

CalExotics is a major manufacturer, owned and operated by a woman, with an all-woman team of product developers, who focus on sexual health and wellness.

“As a former educator, it is exciting to see that the most prestigious university in the country supports student programming in sexual health,” Colvin said.

Susan Colvin is the founder of CalExotics, and its sister company, JOPEN. She is accredited with being the first woman to own a company in the sex toy industry for the past 23 years. Her company is credited with leading innovations within the sexual health and wellness space, including feminizing female toys with colors and providing warranties on vibrators.