Next Door Inks Exclusive With Newcomer Conan McGuire

Next Door Inks Exclusive With Newcomer Conan McGuire

SAN FRANCISCO — Next Door Studios has announced it has signed newcomer Conan McGuire to an exclusive contract.

McGuire debuted yesterday with an up-close and personal solo scene on He takes it to the next level with his first-ever hardcore scene on Thursday, Nov. 10.

“Beefy and exceptionally well-endowed, Conan’s good looks will make him a stand out among the ranks of masculine, muscular next door type jocks exploring their sexuality for the exclusive pleasure of members” a Next Door Studios publicist said.

“Conan brings a new look to Next Door Studios,” the publicist said. “He has a glamorous quality about him that elevates the studio to a new level. His genuine innocence is contrasted by a cocky gleam in his eye that I think members will find very attractive.”

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