Plaisir des Sens Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Plaisir des Sens Launches Indiegogo Campaign

LOS ANGELES — Plaisir de Sens, a lubricant made with all-natural ingredients, has debuted with an Indiegogo campaign running until Nov. 8.

“Experiences with traditional lubricants are cold, sticky to the touch, and disappointing,” a spokesperson for Plaisir de Sens said. “Many contain chemicals that are toxic to your body. Plaisir des Sens, French for ‘Pleasure of the Senses,’ is created with every detail in mind to elevate the experience of sex.”

According to Plaisir de Sens, “Its all-natural silky smooth formula is good for your body inside and out. Designed to be deliciously edible and applied freely to all your erogenous zones, Plaisir des Sens lets you enjoy foreplay on a whole new level. After the main event, our formula absorbs into your skin with no sticky mess, leaving you free to bask in the afterglow.”

Plaisir de Sens features discreet packaging.

“Leave embarrassing moments with toys and lubes in the past,” a spokesperson said. “Plaisir des Sens is the modern gentleman’s pleasure product that makes for a sophisticated addition to your bedroom."

For more information, follow Plaisir de Sens on Twitter.