Webmaster Central Makes VR Archives Available for Lease

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has announced that its archives will now be available for lease. 

Webmaster Central’s clients, a spokesperson said, “can now lease VR content directly from Webmaster Central, then offer that content to their own members to drive both new sales conversions and better member retention rates.”

Andy A., CEO of Webmaster Central, said, “Our VR content package already has ten full VR scenes in the archives, all shot in ultra 4K 3-D, and the videos stream at 60 frames per second. Our clients get access to the complete library, and we’re also adding one new scene each month. It’s a perfect and simple solution for giving your site an added level of value, whether you have a subscription site, a live cam site, or even an adult dating site.”

As an additional benefit, Webmaster Central said, all clients “will be granted a free license to use the VR3000 Player, which means these companies can now stream their own original VR content in addition to offering the Webmaster Central content to their members.” 

For those who do not lease VR content from Webmaster Central, the VR3000 Player can still be licensed separately.

“We have a lot of options for integrating our content directly into your existing website design, or we can even white-label our VR content so you can create your own separate adult VR website,” Andy A. said. “Bundle our content with your existing sites, or offer it for sale as a separate experience; the choice is yours.”

For more information on Webmaster Central, visit their official website.

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