Expanding VR Offerings

LOS ANGELES — GameLink has reported a growing demand for VR adult content and said it is aggressively meeting that demand.

“With more than 500 titles produced since the porn industry adopted the technology last year, has been quick to establish itself as the go-to-site or ‘Netflix’ of VR films, offering the largest library and widest variety of scenes,” a spokesperson for GameLink said. “VR producers are averaging an astounding 20 to 30 adult movies per month. The content is robust, many movies consisting of just one sex scene due to the large amount of digital data each carries to depict a 360- or-180-degree VR panorama.”

GameLink made a comparison between the use of VR technology in mainstream Hollywood content compared to adult content.

“While hundreds of adult movies are now available at GameLinkVR, Hollywood remains in the early stages of VR content creation, focusing on shorts like last year’s ‘The Martian VR Experience’ — a 20-minute VR short from 20th Century Fox that coincided with the release of ‘The Martian’ — as well as Sony’s ‘Ghostbusters: Dimension,’ a VR short promoting the comedy reboot, Ghostbusters.’ Even as Netflix presents a handful of shorts in VR, the offerings remain few and far between.’”

According to GameLink, the company “has positioned itself to receive waves of new customers in search of new VR content by being the first aggregate site to offer every title under the sun, from a plethora of studios. Taking it a step further, GameLink is aligning with manufacturers' efforts to innovate and improve the technology, while simultaneously providing the studios a volume of visibility and traffic they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. In the meantime, Hollywood is busy shooting promotional VR content for its films and reformatting older films for VR, but has yet to release a full-length motion picture shot in the VR format.”

Jeff Dillon, vice president of business development and marketing for — which is providing management services to — said, “We are seeing a wave of consumers who have been waiting for immersive VR experience for years; so now, they are diving head-first into this technology. The adult industry recognizes this and is working extremely hard to meet the consumer demand for content with movies that provide unique and compelling live action experiences.” 

According to a GameLink spokesperson, “ is the first virtual reality porn aggregate site, providing users the ability to view immersive, VR content via video on demand or streaming on its site for the first time. It features content from such studios as VR pioneer studio BaDoink, as well as Kink, Holo Girls, Marc Dorcel and VR300.”

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