Two-Flame Media Launches

Two-Flame Media Launches

NEW YORK — Two-Flame Media has announced the launch of its second BDSM membership website,

“This is a hardcore femdom site featuring female patients who break out of the psychiatric proctology ward of the mental hospital — the same one featured on the maledom site — to get sexual revenge on the exploitative male staff,” a spokesperson for Two-Flame Media said. “Acts of revenge range from ass smothering and face sitting to hard ballbusting, needle punishment, strap-on fucking, trampling, beatdowns, ass feedings and enemas.”

Many scenes on, according to Two-Flame Media, “are narratively interwoven with the scenes on, allowing members of both sites to enjoy the full stories of their favorite patients.”

Like, is shot in 4K resolution. Some scenes also feature optional voiceover commentary from the performers, using Two-Flame Media’s multi-track audio features.

Lawrence Neil, owner of Two-Flame Media, said, “Patients Revenge will follow in the footsteps of Assylum by offering a completely new vision of BDSM porn. We have left behind the dark dungeons and shabby warehouses associated with BDSM, content to take viewers into colorful, imaginative worlds where fantasies endlessly unfold. The content on Patients Revenge will range from moderate to extreme, as with Assylum, and will offer both hardcore sequences for effective masturbation and storylines that keep viewers mentally engaged with the websites over time. We expect the narrative interconnection of the websites to only increase that engagement.”

Two-Flame Media, a representative said, “produces unique BDSM websites featuring hardcore, bizarre and creative predicaments designed to stand apart from the usual porn. The company has experienced steady uptake in the marketplace since its launch in 2014 and is currently developing new products to engage adult consumers in additional market segments.”

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