Rock On Introduces Range of On-the-Spot Enhancers

Rock On Introduces Range of On-the-Spot Enhancers

LOS ANGELES — Rock On is introducing a collection of “recreational enhancement” products designed to offer retailers a new profit center and consumers a natural variety of impulse items to enhance their mood, boost sexual and mental stimulation and keep the party going.

“Lets face it 10 years ago when ‘male enhancement’ products became popular it was for (shhh) male erectile dysfunction,” ROCK’N Products President Keith Caggiano said. “Today that has changed drastically because people of all ages are taking these products, not because they need them but because they can make the experience better. The shift in consumer behavior has already happened, smart store owners are now capitalizing on it with the Rock On line and are producing sales in categories they didn’t know existed a few years ago.”

Rock On says it is putting the “fun” back into the function with Passion Shots for Her sexual energy and libido and Rock On Pre-Max Shot for male performance, energy and sexual stamina. The company also is crossing over into mainstream with Rock Out Hangover and DO IT for mental stimulation, focus and energy.

“Adult stores are a place where adults go to recreationally enhance their sex life with a variety of toys and novelties,” the company said. “Adding the right ‘boost’ at the right time using herbal ingredients to naturally increase sensation, mood and libido can make the fun that much more stimulating as well as making the consumers’ buying experience that much better.”

The Rock On Passion Shot for Her is a natural shot drink designed to optimize her sexual, sensory experience. For men, the corresponding Rock On Pre-Max Shot for Him is a sexual elixir that promotes both mental and physical alertness and can promote maximum male potency.

Rock On DO IT Nootropic Focus & Energy Shot is a natural dietary supplement to support brain function and to stay energized, alert and focused.

Rock OUT Hangover Defense + Recovery Shot features a blend of herbs that detox and prevent hangover symptoms by supporting healthy liver function and delivering electrolytes, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

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