L.A. Prop 60 Protest Garners Extensive Media Coverage

L.A. Prop 60 Protest Garners Extensive Media Coverage

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — After an afternoon of protesting Proposition 60 on Monday, the adult entertainment community received extensive press coverage, according to the Free Speech Coalition.

Yesterday, more than 200 adult industry performers, producers, advocates and supporters wigwagged through Hollywood to the AIDS Healthcare Foundation’s corporate office near Sunset Boulevard and Vine Street. The AHF is the sponsor and funder of the measure to be decided by voters on Nov. 8. 

There, adult entertainment stakeholders, nearly all with placards in hand, vocally protested against Prop 60, which seeks to enforce condom-only shoots with draconian severity.

Simultaneously on Monday, numerous adult websites blocked access to California IP addresses to also protest Prop 60. Many sites, alternatively, included "No on Prop 60" messages.

“Congrats to all the performers who came out, and to the producers who stood with them in solidarity,” said Mike Stabile, FSC's communication director. “The two big stories, obviously, were the march on AHF and the IP block by adult sites. The former got more coverage statewide, and on radio and TV; the latter more national and print press.

“Often, both got mentioned in the same story,” he said.

Stabile mentioned that there also was “great piece” in the Guardian on Tasha Reign's campus visits, and a good opposition editorial from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Below is a breakdown of mainstream media coverage by "No on Prop 60" event: