Icon Brands, Falcon Release Patented Reach Douche

Icon Brands, Falcon Release Patented Reach Douche

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Icon Brands has introduced the Falcon Reach douche, which features an ergonomically tapered nozzle and ergonomically designed reservoir.

The company says it worked in tandem with a major industrial design team to develop "Reach" — which was named based on the extra reach it's designed to provide. The item is internationally patented, the manufacturer says.

"We looked at quite a few douches, and so many were so similar," Icon Sales Manager Jenny Tse said, "that when we discovered ‘Reach,’ we were truly excited. There's such an elegance to its look and an efficiency to its design, that we knew we wanted it for Falcon immediately." 

With an extra-large angled soft TPE reservoir for easy press-and-release, the douche also has a curved nozzle with an anatomically sensitive shape. "And at a very affordable $12.50 wholesale, it's no wonder why everyone's reaching for Reach," Tse said.

The Reach Douche is shipping right now. Contact a local distributor for more information, or "reach" Icon Sales directly at (818) 380-7700, ext. 106.