Kink's Armory Hosting 'Erotic Haunted House'

Kink's Armory Hosting 'Erotic Haunted House'

SAN FRANCISCO — The Armory has announced that its erotic haunted house “Escape: Hell in the Armory” will open this Friday.

“This year, we’ve produced an entirely new kind of horror, where participants will be forced to escape from the darkest recesses of the century-old San Francisco Armory,” says Audrey Joseph, director of events at S.F. Armory. “Escape: Hell in the Armory’ is beyond anything we’ve done before — a terrifying game of cat and mouse, played out in a truly haunted building.”

Kink and the S.F. Armory have again partnered with Blackout, producers of “the world’s scariest haunted house” (according to Gizmodo), and participants will be expected to sign a waiver indemnifying the company against personal injury. Those under 18, or with pre-existing medical conditions that might be triggered by the experience, are not permitted. Each person will be given a safe word that allows him or her to immediately end the tour if it becomes too overwhelming.

Participants in the “Escape: Hell in the Armory” experience are required to attend in groups of two, and be forced to work together to escape the nightmarish scenario unfolding throughout the Armory. Each team will have 20 minutes to find a way out of the hellscape, or suffer eternal damnation — or worse.

“This is not for the faint of heart,” says Joseph. “Blackout produces adults only Halloween events that are graphic in every sense of the word. In the past few years, they’ve learned to really exploit this building in a way that’s terrifying. I went last year, but knowing what I know, I’m not so sure I can handle this one.”

Tickets for “Hell in the Armory” start at $45 each, and must be purchased in sets of two. For tickets, click here.