XR Brands Releases Exclusive Pornhub-Branded Lubricants

XR Brands Releases Exclusive Pornhub-Branded Lubricants

LOS ANGELES — XR Brands has officially released its exclusive Pornhub lubricant collection, co-branded with the online adult company. 

“The first of its kind, this groundbreaking deal ignites a true crossover collection that combines XR Brands’ smart sex toy design with Pornhub’s unrivaled mainstream marketing prowess,” a spokesperson said. “Retailers will have a first look at this week’s 2016 eroFame show.”

The Pornhub collection will launch first with four premium U.S.-made lubricant varieties, each made for a particular kind of pleasure: Luvrub glycerin-free and paraben-free water-based, Premiumrub water/silicone hybrid for enhanced anal pleasure, Hotrub warming lube, and Pornrub glycerin-free and paraben-free water-based masturbation gel.

“Each product included in the line has been designed with Pornhub’s trademark style and vast viewer demographic in mind, and all are manufactured with the dependable quality that XR Brands is known for,” a spokesperson said.

“Pornhub is one of the most recognizable names in adult content, and we are proud to officially make this lubricant line available for order,” said Rebecca Weinberg, director of sales & marketing for XR Brands. “It was only natural that the brand would expand into tangible products, and we worked together to create varieties that cater to intimate acts that require the best lubricant formulations. It’s an honor to partner with the likeminded team of Pornhub professionals, and we look forward to giving our customers a first look at eroFame.

The release of the Pornhub line will be supported by mainstream marketing designed to capture attention and garner headlines while creating content that inspires fans to shop. A party featuring the world’s biggest lube slide was shot to commemorate the launch and can be viewed at PornHubLube.com.

“Whether solo or with a partner, lubricant is an essential part of satisfying sex — and we are so excited to team with Pornhub and enhance the experience for their more than 100 million daily users,” said Valentino Tolman, international sales manager for XR Brands. “This is the first crossover of its kind and sets a new standard for how product manufacturing and content delivery can be combined for maximum impact. It was an honor to orchestrate this collaboration, and the team and I can’t wait to showcase the final results.”

A spokesperson said that “Pornhub and its signature sense of humor will play a major role in the success of this new collection.”

“Our collaboration with XR Brands is a big but rational move for us,” said Corey Price, vice president of marketing for Pornhub VP. “At Pornhub, we’re all about the user experience, and until now, we’ve been laser-focused on delivering that through best-in-class content. Now with the help of XR Brands, we will be able to further enhance that experience through product by bridging the online and at-home Pornhub experience. Our initial launch will focus on lube, and we are confident it will run smooth. For fans sick of using lotions, we’ve got the potions — and the Pornhub team is greased up about the launch. We hope our fans will be too.”

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