Topco Sales Appoints German Lopez to Sales/Marketing Position

LOS ANGELES — Topco Sales has appointed industry veteran German Lopez to its sales and marketing team. As sales and marketing coordinator, Lopez will provide hands-on support to Topco’s sales department while assisting the product development division to help create new products. 

Lopez comes to Topco after 12 years in the adult retail industry with extensive experience in customer service, marketing and research and development — which, Topco said, “gives him unique insight into adult product manufacturing and merchandising. Having risen through the ranks at famed fetish retailer Stockroom, Lopez is well-prepared to fortify Topco’s sales team and contribute to the company’s growing product development and white label divisions.”

“My industry history has brought me hands-on experience in almost every sector of adult, from manufacturing to retail and even direct customer relations,” Lopez said. “And I’ve honed a unique understanding of the inner workings of this type of business. I’m also genuinely passionate about the companies that laid the foundation for this industry to thrive, and I’m excited to help re-establish Topco’s reputation as a leading manufacturer.”

In addition to supporting Topco’s sales and marketing team, Lopez will work Topco’s product development department in order to help create new products.

Topco Sales COO Autumn O’Bryan said, “I have been given an incredible opportunity to breathe new life into the iconic Topco Sales brand, and it’s with great pleasure that I welcome German to the team. His years of experience in adult retail, along with a track record of innovation and passion for quality products, make him a valuable asset as we work to strengthen Topco’s position as a founding leader of this ever-evolving industry.”

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