Madelyn Monroe Is Back in WankzVR's 'Naughty Nurse Returns'

Madelyn Monroe Is Back in WankzVR's 'Naughty Nurse Returns'

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR today released a sequel to one of its earlier productions, "Naughty Nurse Returns."

The new virtual reality production features the return of performer Madelyn Monroe. In the scene, Monroe suits up once again as a sexy nurse and administers “special, one-on-one care” to her boyfriend played by VR users.

As opposed to her last WankzVR scene, "Naughty Nurse Returns" is very anal-centric, the studio said.

Monroe was part of WankzVR's initial launch of VR scenes back in April. Since then, WankzVR's creators have significantly improved areas like smoother frame rate, more immersive storytelling and increasingly engaging camerawork.

"Since I filmed my first VR scene, the technology and cameras have gotten better for sure,” Monroe said. “I've actually seen myself in the final product and it looks fucking awesome. But I remember during my first scene, there was a lot of trial and error. Like we didn't know how close we could get and where to look. We just weren't used to where the ‘zone’ was, so we'd shoot a little bit to kind of get a feel for it." 

"Obviously, VR is hard to shoot because your scene partner is just laying there for the majority of the scene,” she said. “You don't really get the other person's energy or performance to feed off of.

“You're basically talking to yourself and imagining the audience. So it's all about throwing yourself into it and taking charge. You just gotta forget about everything else and just turn it up. I feel like VR is almost more performance art than porn. It definitely takes a lot of charisma."

"Naughty Nurse Returns" releases today. For a sneak preview, click here.