Pjur Announces Expansion of Staff

Pjur Announces Expansion of Staff

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg — The pjur Group has announced the continued expansion of its staff.

“With the acquisition of a third office building, last year's successful expansion of the Luxembourg location has enabled the pjur group to take on eight new employees since January,” a spokesperson said. 

Eva Lerbs and Marie Weber are now responsible for international clients in the customer relations department, and Marius Weis is supporting the sales team as sales manager. Sebastian Heib was recently hired as junior project manager in the QM department. 

Vanessa Melchisedech joined pjur’s public relations team in April, and pjur said “the marketing department is now complete with the addition of Caroline Krischel, Janine Heinz and Andra Matresu in the areas of graphic design, social media and video production and communication.”

"We are excited that the pjur Group is experiencing such strong growth,” said Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of the pjur Group. “The international success of our products and strengthening of our business relationships go hand in hand with a growing demand for personnel. The communication department, sales team and QM in particular were all in urgent need of additional support. We are now in a better position because of the new office space purchased last year and feel very positive about the future.”

Approximately 30 specialized staff members are currently employed at the pjur Group’s administrative headquarters in Luxembourg. The pjur Group has additional offices in New York City, Miami, Denver, Sydney, Hong Kong and Moscow.

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