fifi Sending 100 Masturbators to Overseas U.S. Troops

fifi Sending 100 Masturbators to Overseas U.S. Troops

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The makers of fifi have sent 100 of its male masturbators overseas to U.S. troops.

Dave Bramo, CEO of Whizworx LLC, which manufactures the fifi, said, “the troops who give so much to our nation deserve a little R&R.”

"It’s a small token of our gratitude," Bramo said. "We hope it will put smiles on a few faces and help ease the stress of being away from home."

“While they're away from their loved ones, laboring under levels of stress that most of us can't imagine, the brave individuals who serve our country can benefit from a few moments of pleasure,” he said.

Bramo noted that the "fifi is great for the troops because it’s very discreet. It looks like a cushion and nobody will mistake it as contraband.”

The 100 fifi units are all Commando Camouflage, a style that pays tribute to the troops.

“Male service members will be able to enjoy the best male masturbator for the guy who wants something simple and discreet,” he said. “Thanks to its disposable sleeves, fifi also offers a sanitary no-mess cleanup, which is even more important when you're on a military base far from home.”

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