'Yes on Prop 60' Campaign Taps Derrick Burts for 2nd Ad

'Yes on Prop 60' Campaign Taps Derrick Burts for 2nd Ad

LOS ANGELES — "Yes on Prop 60" organizers have begun airing a new TV advertisement touting the porn-condom initiative’s supposed benefits.

This time around, the Yes on Prop 60 campaign tapped former adult performer Derrick Burts, who for years has claimed he became HIV-infected on a porn set.

The new 30-second TV commercial, its second following former adult star Cameron Bay's initial Yes on Prop 60 ad, aired last night on several cable news channels in the Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento markets during coverage of the presidential debate.

The new Yes on Prop 60 commercial is available here.

In 2010, Burts allegedly acquired HIV "through private, personal activity" but later reportedly changed his story, claiming that he contracted it on a porn set.

During his six-month porn filmmaking history, Burts went by the name Cameron Reed for straight shoots and Derrick Chambers for gay shoots.

Burts, at the time, suspected he contracted HIV during a gay shoot in Florida where another performer ejaculated onto his back and semen leaked into his anus.

But talent agent Mark Spiegler issued a $1,000 challenge to Burts to determine whether he actually contracted the virus on a porn set.

Burts accepted the offer to go through with the lie-detector test, but later changed his mind after complaining about some of the questions on the test.

Since 2010, Burts has spoken on behalf of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, sponsor of Yes on Prop 60 and the former sponsor of Measure B, which created a porn-condom ordinance in Los Angeles County.

It’s not the first time that Burts has starred in a commercial that advocated for additional condom regulation in California porn production.

In 2012, Burts had a starring role in a "Yes on Measure B" ad, along with counterpart former adult star Darren James, who contracted HIV in 2004 and has remained vocal against condom-less porn ever since.