fifi Releases New Hot Pocket Accessory

fifi Releases New Hot Pocket Accessory

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Whizworx LLC, the maker of the fifi male masturbator, released today a new accessory called the Hot Pocket.

Whizworx CEO Dave Bramo said that the Hot Pocket is “not to be confused with the microwavable meal."

“The Hot Pocket is fifi’s way to add heat to their male masturbator,” Bramo said.

“Ever since our inception, we’ve been working on coming up with a safe and effective way to add heat to our product,” he said. “We’ve tried insertable pads that have a battery attached and poles that heat up when you plug them in them in via USB.”

Bramo said that fifi finally landed on a device that resembles the hand warmers that manicurists use.

“You insert the fifi, set your temperature — low, medium, or high — and wait until it reaches your desired warmth,” he said. 

Fifi- Hot Pocket retails for $24.95 and can be purchased at