Lily Jordan Featured in WankzVR's 'Stepdaughter Seduction'

Lily Jordan Featured in WankzVR's 'Stepdaughter Seduction'

LOS ANGELES — WankzVR has delivered a new scene in virtual reality format —"Stepdaughter Seduction," which stars Lily Jordan and Johnny Nitro.

In the scene, Lily Jordan plays a “naughty 18-year-old stepdaughter whose overbearing mom won't let her leave the house on account of the provocative outfit she's wearing.”

VR users take on the role of Lily's stepfather who Lily seduces to get even with her mother.

As VR porn continues to gain speed, performers are adapting to the style of VR shooting. Jordan noted on how "Stepdaughter Seduction" gave her the opportunity to act out one of her own personal fantasies.

"I love to do roleplaying in scenes. I'm pretty young so I'm always cast in these scenarios with an older guy,” Jordan said. “The more taboo it is, the more excited I get. This scene really gave me the chance to act out one of my favorite fetishes.

"The whole daddy fantasy. I've done these kinds of scenes before but since it's VR, I know I have to be extra convincing with the way that I look at the camera, how I talk and bat my eyes and things like that," she said.

“I felt really playful doing this scene because the whole thing is just me acting out what I'd really say and do in that situation. With regular porn, you can get away with certain things because it's filmed differently. With VR, you can't be lazy about it, or it'll show. You just have to let go.

She continued, “You just have to run with it. It's very exciting to pretend to be someone else and at the same time, I'm sure it's just as fun for VR users to do the same. It's a perfectly harmless and kinky way to live out both our fantasies."

“Stepdaughter Seduction” releases today. Click here for a sneak preview.