Brazzers to Unveil Sci-Fi Gaming Parody

Brazzers to Unveil Sci-Fi Gaming Parody

BURBANK, Calif. — Brazzers today announced the upcoming release of “Oversnatch XXX Parody,” which is inspired by “Overwatch,” a team-based first-person shooter video game.

“As per much of our experience playing first-person shooter games online, taking someone from a multiplayer lobby into a private match is rather fruitless,” said Matt Stevens, who leads Brazzers’ publicity. “You don’t often gain experience or level up weapons when you challenge someone in a grudge match.

“Then, when you’re finally done having-it-out with your opponent, you sit back, surprised at the amount of verbal abuse you can sling through a microphone, and sigh in regret knowing you wasted your time after being roped in by someone with an equally filthy pirate mouth who thinks you’re ‘botting’, ‘spamming’, ‘hacking’, etc. Ultimately, you’re just screwing with each other.

“So we asked ourselves, 'why don’t we just show what’s really happening when you ‘one-v-one’ someone in a private grudge match online?'"

In the Brazzers gaming parody, “a grudge match is waged between players Danny (Danny D) and Aletta (Aletta Ocean) in an abandoned strip club, as a sniper class femme fatale is pitted against an assault class grim reaper to prove once and for all whether it requires more skill to quickscope an enemy, or take out a sniper from far with short range weapons.”

“It’s a battle of speed, accuracy, and endurance as the femme fatale,  without a team to back her up, must deliver the payload solo. She’s got to go hardcore to get out of this deathmatch unscathed.”

View a trailer of “Oversnatch XXX Parody” here. Brazzers plans to release the gaming parody on Monday.