Kum Klean Soaps Debuts

Kum Klean Soaps Debuts

PHOENIX — Kum Klean Soaps has officially launched, debuting at last week’s International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas.

The company featured its erotic soap-on-the-rope in both medium (seven inches) and large (nine inches). Kum Klean Soaps also introduced a scented Christmas edition soap-on-a-rope called Chestnuts roasting by the fire, a seven-inch silicone dong with scented cream pie liquid soap, and two holiday gift packs featuring the medium soap-on-a-rope in a scented cherry pie and the Scrub My Kitty.

“The Scrub My Kitty gift set and the seven-inch silicone dong with liquid soap were our biggest sellers at the show,” said Kym Zadrozny, founder of Kum Klean Soaps. “We are pleased with the response and excitement from everyone at the show.”

Kum Klean Soaps are made from real human molds with all-natural ingredients that are gentle and moisturizing and are individually wrapped by hand in customized packaging.

“Kum Klean’s handcrafted specialty soaps are great for personal use and special occasions,” the company said. “Whether it’s a night out with girlfriends or a special event with the guys, Kum Clean will bring a unique brand of fun and laughter to any adult event.”

For more information, visit KumKleanSoap.com