Rock On Debuts DO IT Shot

Rock On Debuts DO IT Shot

LOS ANGELES — Rock ON has released DO IT Mental Stimulation and Energy Shot, which is designed to enhance sexual pleasure by stimulating “our largest sex organ” — the brain.

DO IT features nootropic brain-boosting ingredients that aid in focus and arousing cognitive function to tune in to sexual pleasure and sensation. The company says Rock On DO IT Shot is a new upsell opportunity for retailers.

“If customers come into adult shops to buy some fun toys late in the evening, while feeling physically and mentally tired — their experience with their new toy or product will unquestionably not be quite as good,” ROCK’N Products President Keith Caggiano said. “Selling extra nootropic brain stimulation focus and energy shots can ensure that the consumer has a better experience, therefore make them much more likely to return for more product purchases.”

The Rock On DO IT Shot allows couples to feel “tuned in and turned on” by mentally stimulating and focusing their minds to make them feel more present and ready to experience sensual sensations and the emotional and physical connections, the company says.

“The DO IT Shot is just part of the new Rock On philosophy of ‘Recreational Enhancement’ based on the reality that natural sexual supplementation is no longer for (shhh!) sexual dysfunction but rather putting the ‘fun’ in sexual ‘function.’ People are looking towards natural supplements to enhance all areas of their lives, Rock On’s line provides a new niche for adult stores in a fun, cool and sexy way. The “Recreational Enhancement collection of shots include Passion Shots for Her, PreMax shots for Him and Rock Out Hangover defense shot to complete the party.”

Rock On DO IT Nootropic Focus & Energy Shot is a natural dietary supplement combining herbal brain-boosting supplements newly classified as “nootropics” combined with vitamins and caffeine.

The range comes in six-pack point-of-purchase displays in all-black bottles with the new Rock On “Horn Hand” logo, color-coded for each need. The collection can be displayed on counter tops with a “Rock’n Rack to hold all four shots and Rock On pills, including Brain On, Turn On, Rock On, Rock Out, Pump, Rip, Shake, Detox, Relax and DO IT.

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