Shane's World Announces New Edibles Line

Shane's World Announces New Edibles Line

LOS ANGELES — Shane's World, known for adult films and sex toys, are branching out with their own line of edibles. 

“The Shane's World team has been hard at work doing their research, trying out new flavor combinations and making sure that their product is tasty and gets the job done,” a spokesperson for Shane’s World said. 

Shane's World Edibles announced that samples of their new line of edible marijuana will be available starting this week at local dispensaries in California. This initial run features four flavors: The Pop Shot, described as “gooey marshmallow rice krispy treat,” and The Nookie Cookie — described as “peanut butter chocolate cookie” — as well as The Brown Eye, described as “brownie bite,” and the cookie brownie-flavored Dirty Sanchez.

“Ever since filming our ‘Blazed and Confused’ series, we thought this would be a perfect way to branch out,” said Brian Grant, co-owner of Shane's World's. “The Shane's World brand is popular with college students; we have seen a great deal of success with our toys. Shane's World is the perfect brand for the edible business. All of our products are of the highest quality, pun intended. Now, you'll be able to experience Shane's World in a whole new way. Get ready.”

Shane's World, an adult company started in 1996, was one of the first companies to pioneer the reality-style videos of adult entertainment. Shane’s World has described their films as “’The Real World’ meets gonzo-style pornography.”

The Shane’s World brand includes Shane's World Studios and Shane's World Toys, and Shane's World Edibles represents a new area for the company.

“The advantages to edible marijuana over smoking are numerous,” a spokesperson for Shane’s World said. “Because they are introduced into the body through the digestive system, the TCH produced creates a stronger, longer-lasting effect. The results include a longer, more intense reaction that does not require constant dosing. It does not subject the user to the harsh effects on the body caused by smoking as well as producing an all-over feeling that more effectively elevates some symptoms of diseases treated with medicinal marijuana.”

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