AHF Claims Over Donations 'Unwarranted,' FSC Says

AHF Claims Over Donations 'Unwarranted,' FSC Says

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition tonight charged that a proponent of Proposition 60 has wrongfully filed a complaint over funding behind the group that opposes it, the No on Prop 60 campaign, which comprises the core of the adult entertainment industry.

Earlier today, the Yes on Prop 60 campaign filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission that said the No on Prop 60 group failed to properly report $75,000 in contributions from seven “interconnected businesses” led by a company based in the U.K.

Contributions to U.S. political campaigns from foreign entities are not allowed.

But after the Yes on Prop 60 published a press announcement over the complaint, the FSC shot back with its own release against the initiative’s sponsor, the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

“Florida-based Global Personals LLC is a completely unrelated company from Global Personals Ltd. (U.K.),” Eric Paul Leue, the FSC’s executive director, said. “While they share a similar name, they are separately owned and operated entities with no relationship, corporate or otherwise.

“Had AHF done even a minor amount of research before sending out their release, they would have discovered this." 

Leue noted that “their other claims are similarly unwarranted and confused.”

“All reporting for the contributing entities have been reported properly with the [Calif.] Secretary of State. This is typical AHF behavior — mislead and obfuscate, then bully anyone who disagrees with them,” he said tonight.

“Their release is political, and meant to distract voters from the faltering poll numbers, and relentless bad press for their dangerous Prop 60.”

The complaint against Leue and the No on Prop 60 campaign was filed with the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission by AHF employee Whitney Engeran-Cordova, who alleged the seven companies made an equal number of separate contributions to the No on Prop 60 campaign totaling $75,000. All contributions were made on Sept. 2.

In a statement, the Yes on Prop 60’s Rick Taylor charged that Global Personals LLC is a foreign entity.

But, according to Leue, Taylor’s wrong. Global Personals LLC is a U.S. company, he said.

Pictured: Eric Paul Leue